Thursday, November 10, 2005

Feeling hopeful...

I have been so frustrated by not being able to exercise, so I ordered 3 chair dancing DVDs from this week. Reviews assure the reader that it really is a good workout, so here's hoping.

T and I went to CORE on November 5, which was fairly enjoyable, but I'm getting sick and tired of some of the couples' making little digs at each other. Have they learned nothing from Retrouvaille?!? It's embarrassing to listen to.

T took the girls to see "Chicken Little" while I worked during the day on the 5th. He said it was cute -- the girls, of course, loved it. R mentioned casually that she was thinking of asking Santa for Harry Potter or Hermione's wand. I panicked, but after googling "Harry Potter wand" and finding a very cool online store, I'm thinking I need to reinforce her suggestion.

Sunday we went to the mall to have C's third year portraits taken. They actually turned out darling! I was amazed. I went into a couple of stores, but by then T was completely stressed out by being in the mall and my knee was sore. It was really sore by Tuesday afternoon. Ugh. I feel scared that it will always be this way and I'll never walk normally again. I can take a few lurching steps without the crutches, but my leg feels as though it's bending the wrong way or buckling or something. My knee always hurts. Surely by spring, when it's completely healed, it won't be sore anymore? I will feel awful if I can't do aerobics ever again, but I suppose as long as I can do the elliptical and walk I'll survive. As long as it doesn't hurt and I don't limp permanently.