Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Life List

I made a life list on this wiki. So far, here is what's on mine:

  • take a cruise
  • interview my kids for a scrapbook page
  • plant a flower bed in the front yard
  • make peace with my size/weight
  • take photos of family heirlooms and ask dad about where they came from
  • make gifts in a jar for bus drivers/teachers, etc for Christmas
  • institute a yearly "girly day" with each daughter -- get manicures, pedicures, eat out, shop, etc
  • institute family movie night
  • have central vac system installed
  • make A&P a wedding scrapbook
  • visit Pompeii, Rome, Venice, and Tuscany
  • become a "normal" eater
  • take a photo every single day in 2008
  • plant lily of the valley in the backyard
  • make a shadow box of dh's work awards
  • sort recipes and discard at least half of them
  • get rid of Aunt L's china
  • reorganize my linen closet
  • sort my clothing and take everything out of my closet that doesn't fit or look good on me
  • buy some gorgeous clothing that DOES look good -- make that great -- on me
  • find some type of volunteer work to do with the whole family
  • hang pictures
  • decide on paint colors for the walls
  • get a professional photo taken of me and the girls for dh
  • have gas fire installed in fireplace
  • go to Walt Disney World with the family
  • drive from coast to coast on a leisurely trip
  • make a shadow box with dh's running stuff
  • take yoga
  • take golfing lessons
  • find someone to give me bowling tips
  • start a blog or myspace page for the extended family
  • have a gingerbread house decorating party with neighbors and their children
  • host a neighborhood easter egg hunt
  • get rid of uncomfortable shoes and never buy any again!
  • attend an occasion for which I have an excuse to buy a floor-length cocktail dress/ball gown
  • institute an every other month craft day with the girls
  • celebrate half birthdays
  • have a yearly "family day"

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Cyn said...

I love making lists like these - and reviewing them every few months to see what I've done or still have on the drawing board. It's fun, too, to look back over the years and see what things are STILL on my list of things I want to do.

Several of yours would be on my list.

take a cruise (my favorite type of vacation right now!)

plant a flower bed in the front yard (I keep trying but the squirrels keep eating my bulbs - guess I'll have to actually get small plants to start the flower bed instead of starting from seeds and bulbs - I have the perfect tree that needs a flower-ring around it)

institute family movie night (we have Pizza night that usually includes a movie - usually on Tuesday but last night we had company so we were out instead of in)

visit Pompeii, Rome, Venice, and Tuscany (N wants to go to "that city where the streets are all water." I'd love to go to the east side of Italy and then over to Greece)

get rid of Aunt L's china (my "family heirloom stored china" is my Great-Uncle Bill's that is sitting in N's closet since no one else wanted it. I don't even have a place to display it.)

decide on paint colors for the walls (We're hopefully painting the whole interior of the house by spring - I want to use New Day Dew which is a Disney color and very light but not totally white. I painted N's room with it and loved it so much I want it for the whole house except my bathroom which is a lovely shade of yellow).