Monday, May 26, 2008

The Two of Me and The Daily Eating Diary

Here is me with straight hair and me with curly hair. No one likes the straight-haired me except my 10-year-old. After seeing myself with curly hair for 43 3/4 years, I felt odd walking around with straight hair for a few hours, but I liked it okay. I'm not sure I'd ever do it on a regular basis, but it was kind of neat to see.
I went to the cemetaries with my dad and the girls yesterday. We scrubbed gravestones and planted flowers. It was kind of nice, though I wonder how long I'll keep it up after my dad dies. The two cemetaries we visit are 90 minutes away, so an entire day is usually eaten up when we go. I suppose guilt will drive me to continue going as long as I'm able.
I got up today and rode 16 miles on my bike. It was lovely outside, but I had lost all enthusiasm by mile 12. The wind was against me and my bottom was hurting something fierce! Since I was still four miles from home I was forced to push on. I'm definitely buying gel shorts.
Here is the Daily Eating Diary my therapist handed out at our last support group meeting. It has been quite helpful to me, especially questions 11 and 12. I do it just before bed and I'm forced to think about whether or not I've done anything for myself over the course of the day, as well as to look ahead to the next day and pre-plan. I've also discovered that I'm really, really terrible about encouraging myself to eat from physical hunger and eating at the first signal of hunger rather than letting myself get overly hungry.
The Daily Eating Diary
1. Did I encourage myself to eat from physical hunger?
2. Did I eat at the first signal of hunger, rather than letting myself get overly hungry?
3. Did I find myself eating or restricting for emotional reasons today?
___sexual feelings
___transition between activities
4. Did I practice focused and mindful eating?
5. Did I stop when I was full?
6. Did I plan what I wanted to eat?
7. Did I eat food that was not pleasing to me?
8. Which times of the day and evening were the most troublesome for me with food?
9. What alternatives did I take during these times?
10. What alternatives could I have taken?
11. What are the ways I took good care of myself today?
12. What emotional needs do I anticipate for tomorrow and how can I prepare to take care of them?

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Isabelle said...

You have beautiful hair. I love the curls!