Sunday, December 31, 2006

Walkin' the Dog

If anyone out there in cyberland has difficulty forcing herself to exercise, get a dog! "Santa" brought R a Jack Russell Terror --er, Terrier four weeks ago and I have walked more in that four weeks than I have in months. To be honest, I was avoiding walking as exercise because it hurt my knee even a month ago when I took a long walk on my scrapbooking weekend. But since getting Princess I've been getting 11,000-14,000 steps on my pedometer every day (in addition to my regular stationery bike/elliptical exercise) and my knee is okay. I got shin splints at first, but they're better after a few days of walking in the grass alongside the road, instead of on the pavement. I did step in dog doo at 6:30am this morning, however. Ick.

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LME said...

Wow. A Jack Russell. That's a high energy dog, for sure.

While we were at my in-laws' over Christmas, I saw how much weight one of my sisters-in-law had lost since the last time I saw her, about two years ago. And I absolutely believe it's because she got a dog. A terrier mutt. A high-energy dog. I went with her one morning when she walked him. It was a long walk. And brisk, that walk!