Monday, February 12, 2007

Okay, yes, two in one day

I already posted this morning, but it was rather negative, and some good things have happened over the past two weeks also. My older dd has shown some interest in cooking -- finally. Of course, the first few things she wanted to make were -- natch -- desserts. My heart fell to about the level of my shoes when she wanted to make Hot Milk Cake last week. However, being the supportive mum that I am, I assisted with the cake on Thursday and it turned out rather well. I had only a couple of pieces last week, and it wasn't actually gone until Saturday (it was 8x8), when C ate the final, rather stale, piece. Then she wanted to make brownies. Then Lemon Dainties (my all-time favorite cookie made at Christmas by my mother). Oy, the torture.

I did okay -- better than okay, I'd say. I never ate more than two (tiny) brownies in one day, and I think I even skipped a day somewhere in there. I just kept telling myself, "You are not dieting. You are not going to diet. You can make brownies every single day if you want to. You can eat brownies whenever you want. Brownies are not special or forbidden...", etc. I had many fleeting "diety" thoughts, but banished them to the frozen tundra outside.

We went out to eat on Saturday after attending the golf show downtown (I am so excited -- I bought red golf shoes!). I ordered a burger, fries, and a chocolate shake (made with REAL Breyer's ice cream, no less). I very slowly and mindfully ate my burger and skipped most of my fries. They weren't that great -- and I can eat fries whenever I want, right? Of course, in all honesty, I must confess to eating at least a dozen of R's onion rings, but I did share my shake with her. If I had truly eaten mindfully, I'd have stopped sooner because I was quite full by the time we finished. The dog had a longer than normal walk that evening.

I'm excited to try golfing again. I golfed twice with DH -- then broke my leg into 40+ pieces. That was 18 months ago, and I'm hoping this summer I'll be able to give it another go. DH said I actually "wasn't bad" when we went before. Not bad is high praise for someone who bowled a 30 a few weeks ago at our bowling league. Yes, a 30. My average *was* 68, but something tells me it is going down after that performance. Oh well, my handicap will only get better. I wonder if there's an upper limit on handicaps?


Donna said...

Wow! twice in one day! I usually eat a small bowl of total cereal before I leave for work.. I never know if I'll get a break till noon or after. Plus I feel that it jumpstarts my metabolism. Sometimes I'm hungry for it and sometimes I'm not but I eat it anyway.


Isabelle said...

Interesting post as usual.

I wonder why you call yourself "mum"in this post? I thought all Americans would be "mom" - as in your title.

You do know that if you're size 10 - which I think is our size 14 - you aren't remotely fat? I used to be 14 in my youth - ah, distant dream (both youth and size) and thought I was fat. Now, looking back at photos, I think I looked fine. I know that it's one's perception that matters, but I'm sure you really look great.

Lulu said...

The only way I'd be able to get excited about golfing, I think, is if I got to get excited about accessorizing with fun things like red golf shoes! :)

Way to go with your steps towards banishing the diet police - I'm a long ways from skipping fries, I think, but knowing that you did it inspires me and makes it seem a little more within my reach!