Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm rehearsing

We have a staff potluck today -- always dangerous for mindful eating. I'm rehearsing:
--I will only eat food I really like
--I will not eat mediocre food, like the store-bought cheesecake and potato salad two coworkers brought
--I will take small portions, eat slowly and mindfully and not overeat

I'm soooo hungry already and I still have an hour until lunch. I had a small helping of the Quinoa Salad I brought, in hopes that it would tide me over, but that was an hour ago. I suppose as a true intuitive eater I should eat something now, but I don't want to eat a snack bar when I know there is yummy guacamole, fruit salad, and sub sandwiches waiting for me in 57 minutes (not that I'm counting).

Being too full is such a trigger for me -- not being stuffed, just really full. I know this, yet I still find myself overeating healthy foods at meals. Last night I realized that my salad was rather large and, sure enough, after eating it all, I was really full. That's when I gave in to the half a brownie, 100-calorie pack of hostess cupcakes (which I had stuck in the lunchroom because I didn't even LIKE them), and the handful of goldfish crackers! So my goal for the next week to to eat slowly and mindfully enough that I do not eat until I'm overfull. I did it last night when I got home (hungry, natch) and made one slice of whole wheat bread generously spread with peanut butter and a handful of Combos. I ate it very slowly and really enjoyed the creaminess of the peanut butter and didn't really enjoy the fake taste of the Combos. Then I felt somewhat guilty (natch) and grabbed a second handful of Combos. Then I told myself not to be an idiot and went upstairs to bed.

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Anonymous said...

I am going to keep a food diary just for today to see if I can pinpoint why i lose the plot in the evenings...i remember reading that Geneen Roth kept a food diary for 12 months to help her learn about her intuitive eating. It has always been a bit too scary to me before...very similair to my many years of dieting.

Good luck today :)