Friday, March 23, 2007

The tune changes, but the song stays the same

Yesterday was a success! For lunch I chose a smallish sub, some tortilla chips and guacamole & salsa, a piece of cake and a sliver of cheesecake. I had a small dinner, took R to her roller skating party and then out for a "kiddy cone" and went to bed happy about my food choices.

Then there was today. I went out to breakfast with my buddies, didn't order the french toast that sounded soooo good (choosing instead the veggie omelette made with Egg Beaters and only one piece of toast). I then ate my entire omelette, got very full, came home and walked the dog, made peanut butter cookies, ate 6 of them, added a piece of cake, some Cocoa Pebbles & milk, and some potato chips & dip to the damage, and feel miserable even now (three hours later).

This is the deal. I want to eat healthy foods, so I always eat lots of fruit, vegetables, lowfat protein sources, whole grains, etc. Then I end up bingeing on crappy carbs and sugar. I know, I know, I should concentrate on eating "whatever I want" FIRST and THEN worry about nutrition. I have TRIED. I'm just having difficulty DOING it. ARGH. I'm off to walk over to school and pick R up. Hopefully I won't still be stuffed by dinnertime, since we're meeting some relatives at the church fish dinner.

I came across this You Tube video on someone else's blog:
Oh, how I wish I had her attitude!


Anonymous said...

I love the Fat Rant and added it to my blog.

as for your bad day..I sympathise. It feels sometimes like I will never get this right but I keep reminding myself"
"even naturally thin people eat too much sometimes"

have a lovely weekend

Deb said...

I try to eat healthy also and a lot of times end up eating sugar and carbs. Sugar is so addictive - I struggle everyday with it! I continue to eat it knowing that it will make me feel like crap (tired, sluggish, etc). I think that's why I'm so confused about the whole 'legalizing food' thing - when I legalize foods that make me feel bad (eg sugar) its almost like I become 'addicted' again. Oh well, we'll get it figured out sooner or later!

Tiana07 said...

Gosh, your posts really resonate with me. I get so confused about IE and wanted to eat healthy. I've been working out and trying to eat right (read "diet") for 3 years, and I've been in control until last June. Now everything is so confusing--did I restrict too long that I no longer know what I even like anymore? Am I brainwashed into liking Kashi, or do I really like it? How can I lose weight by eating IE when so many tasty foods that I've restricted for so long are so high in calories?

I'm going through the same thing. I hope that today is better!