Saturday, October 14, 2006


Well, soccer should be fun after the snow and freezing weather we've had this week. Ugh. T and I went out last night for the first date we've had in a while. We went to a newish restaurant that serves English food. It's rather a mix of Indian and British food, actually. Nice atmosphere and tons and tons of microbrews. T got a burger with Stilton cheese and fries and I got an Indian vegetable stew in a bread bowl. I also ordered fries but cancelled my order, realizing I'd really be too full. The stew was quite a small portion and I ate probably half the bread bowl. I was pleasantly full, but wanted cheesecake. I ordered it to go -- a first for me. I ate a few bites, but saved the rest for later. We went downtown to the symphony -- Bugs Bunny on Broadway. It was pretty good, but we were both yawning terribly. Friday night is NOT a good night for us to be up later than 10pm. I was rather hungry when we got home and polished off my cheesecake. I enjoyed it so much more than if I'd stuffed it in at dinnertime. Must remember -- can order dessert to go!! Though in all truth, I spent a bit too much time dreaming about my waiting cheesecake at the concert. If I'd eaten it, would I have spent that same time obessessing about how I shouldn't have eaten it?

My SIL called to say that the gym is reopening with new owners. I'm glad I hadn't paid a big chunk of money upfront. Apparently I can pay $150 and they'll honor the rest of my contract. Hmmm...I'll have to go check it out because I'm getting sick of my stationary bike.

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