Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Square One

What doesn't work:
dieting/starving/putting off my hunger
counting calories in any way, shape, or form
focusing on weight loss

What does work:
who knows?

So, here I am at square one. I am determined to have a normal relationship with food and exercise. I think I will have to start small and see what works, rather than drafting a grand action plan (that one way back there in the archives that failed miserably).

So, here is where I'll start:
1) exercise 3-6 days a week (which I've been doing faithfully. It may be a bit more difficult now that the !#*$%^ gym went out of business while I was in Ireland!) I think I'm going to break down and join the YMCA. It's freaking expensive ($90 a month for a family membership) but they have daycare and the kids could come with me to use the pool.
2) log my food, but not obsessively. Just jot down at the end of the day what I can remember eating so that I might be able to see some patterns and feel some sense of control.
3) weigh myself every week, on Tuesday. I debate the wisdom of this, but if it starts freaking me out, I'll quit. I just feel as though it's easier for me to pretend I'm not growing out of my size 10/12 pants if I don't see that I weigh 170.4 (last week).
4) my one real "action" will be this -- every evening as soon as dinner is done, I will get up and leave the dining room. I will either go for a short walk, go downstairs to work on organizing or read teh paper, or go upstairs to get ready for bed. I will not sit in the dining room or at the kitchen bar until I can't resist the urge to eat, even without feeling one pang of hunger.

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mizbooks said...

Have you seen the Intuitive Eating support group? I find it helps to have people to be accountable to. ;o)