Monday, June 25, 2007

8 More Random Facts

Tricia tagged me to list 8 random facts -- I'm not sure I can actually come up with more, but here we go (I hope I didn't repeat myself):

1. I greatly dislike going barefoot or walking around in my stocking feet. In the house I wear slippers, and outside I always wear some kind of shoe. I don't even like walking on the sand at the beach.

2. I am completely clueless when it comes to popular music. The only thing I listen to on the radio is NPR.

3. I have never tried to water ski or downhill ski. I went cross country skiing once, but fell a lot.

4. I grew up in a household with a lot of pets -- at one time 45 cats and 15 dogs -- many of which were in the house.

5. In my mid twenties I lived in a neighborhood that was very poor and was home to a lot of gang activity. I lived in a house that had been made into 20 apartments, and only 3 of us had a phone. Even though I was the only caucasian person living in the building (and one of few English speakers), I never really felt odd. The young are a lot more adventurous, aren't they?

6. I read a LOT of magazines. Working in a library, I have access to 100+ and read one every day at lunch or dinner.

7. I have nieces and nephews ranging in age from two weeks to twenty-five years old -- big age range! My dh has a sib who is still planning to have kids too, so the range will get even bigger.

8. I'm lucky. I once won $2500 in a grocery bingo game, and won $500 in a church raffle a few years ago. I don't buy lottery tickets though.


Isabelle said...

And what's stopping you buying a lottery ticket? I feel that a little more luck would do no harm. Failing that, how about thinking hard about my lottery ticket? That might work for me...

Tricia said...

45 cats? Yikes!

You know, after I tagged you for this (months ago), I thought "hey wait, she doesn't even have a blog." Little did I know! (I found you through a comment on "Unfinished Thoughts")