Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I am a Social Butterfly

Our euchre party was a hit! We had 21 people for ice cream at 7 (I had a very small dish, which was really not enjoyed much because I was nervous and talking to the guests, but anyway...) and 15 played cards. Since we had an odd number, three of us sat out each game. That gave me plenty of time to socialize. I find it difficult to start a conversation with someone I don't know well, but if they answer in anything besides monosyllables, I can keep going for ages.

Everyone stayed until midnight and all claimed they had a wonderful time. I think they truly did -- as they left they were all making plans to have a neighborhood cookout on the Sunday before Labor Day. Whew. The best part was that T's dad said he was so pleased that he was grinning from ear-to-ear when he showed up for the golf tournament on Sunday morning, wanting to tell dad all about it.

I was really exhausted on Sunday and a bit unmotivated. The dog got me up at 6am to walk after only 5 hours of sleep. I had all kinds of plans to organize my craft stuff while T was golfing, but only made it as far as the chair, where I read Harry Potter for a while. I tried to nap but C needed computer help. After going to the golf course to see the awards given out (this is T's family's 82nd annual golf tournament!), we went to dinner at Applebee's with a bunch of family members. I was sooooo hungry, but really WANTED a salad. I could almost taste the crunchy freshness of it as I thought about what I wanted to eat. I tried one of their Weight Watchers endorsed salads and it was pretty tasty, except for the dressing. Fat free dressing is vile and should be outlawed.

Yesterday my "dessert" after dinner was Nutrisystem chocolate cake. It really bore little resemblance to cake and had a strange taste to it. Although most of their food is all right, the desserts truly leave much to be desired. I'd just chuck them and eat some chocolate except for the fact that I paid so much for them -- and they're really high in protein, which helps keep me full longer. From now on if I'm full after dinner I'm skipping it. I'm getting enough calories without it anyway.


Isabelle said...

Visiting after a week or two (been away and then frantic gardening till late) and have found your recent posts so interesting. (I don't mean that your less recent ones aren't!) You're such a thoughtprovoking blogger. And you write so well.

I too have had no success in losing weight. I don't think about it enough, I fear.

What is euchre?

Glad the party went so well.

Joc said...

Glad to hear your social organising was successful! Sounds like it was a great night.

I used to come here and read your blog a lot, and I cant remember why I never added a link on mine, so thanks for commenting yesterday, it reminded me to look you up again and this time I have added a link to you, so I dont forget to do it later.

Glad you have been enjoying HP, I just loved it, I have now gone back to the beginning and started reading the first book again. It is amazing how much JKR actually set up in the first few books for the entire series. Little details I never noticed before, but can see now, it is obvious that she really had a plan when she started the first book!

As for letting down your IE sisters by putting yourself through a planned eating journey, dont even think twice about stuff like that. Your health really is the most important thing, and if you need to plan things for a while to get yourself heading in the right direction for long term good health, then by all means do it, and do it without guilt! It is too important not to.

Now that I have written the longest comment in history, I will stop highjacking your blog, and say bye for now.