Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh, the Irony! Yoga is Causing Me Stress...

I've finished three weeks of yoga now and though I enjoy it and leave feeling relaxed (0nly to get home to the blood-pressure-rise inducing routine of putting the reluctant children to bed), but I don't know that I'll be able to continue it when this round of classes ends. My knee was quite sore after last week's session and remains sore even today. I still exercised three out of the last five days, but had to ride my bike on level two this morning.

On week one of yoga, I thought I'd have time to go home, make dinner, eat, and get to yoga on time. Um, no. I made dinner, gobbled mine down in three seconds, and arrived five minutes late. On week two, I got my family dinner at KFC (and was so rushed that I left without the chicken -- my dh had to go back for it), raced home to change my clothes, and grabbed a handful of nuts on the way out the door. I arrived 2 minutes late and was so hungry by the time I got home that I ate too much. For week three, I was determined to be early and well fed. I took my yoga clothing to work, put dinner in the crockpot for my family, packed a dinner to take with me, and told my dh I'd be home AFTER yoga. You know what they say about the best laid plans? Yeah. T called me at 4:40pm to say that there had been a bad accident and he was being sent to the scene. He had no idea when he'd be home, but ordered me to find someone to watch the kids and go to yoga.

I called my sainted neighbor, who promptly said she'd keep the kids but would have to take them to the "Oliver!" audition at the high school. I picked up the girls, raced home, packed the girls off to the neighbor's house, changed clothes, gulped down my dinner, put the crockpot dinner in the fridge, and raced to yoga. I arrived 1 minute late. I did leave feeling much less stressed, but after picking up the girls, helping them finish homework, dealing with C's whining and throwing herself on the floor (caused by exhaustion), and tucking them in to bed, I was tense and crabby. T got home around 10pm, poor guy (he starts work at 5:45am, so it was a long day). Week four....we'll see what excitement will ensue this Thursday.

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Marite said...

Oh, that is not good! Yoga should not be so stressful! Are there any other classes that might work for you, at different times? Is there any way that you can eat a really big lunch on those days, and maybe just a piece of fruit for a snack later in the day and save dinner for after yoga? (I don't know what time the class is...but generally it's not a good idea to eat at least 2-3 hours before a class.)
As for your knee...I don't know much about knee injuries, but I do know that yoga can be restorative and helpful for injuries...but you have to go slowly and carefully. I'm assuming you've told your instructor about your issues with your knee right?

Good luck! I hope you can figure it out, cause I think yoga can be a real blessing...but it has to work your schedule!:)