Monday, January 14, 2008

Yoga Convert!

Yoga went quite well. I grabbed an extra foam mat for times when we had to kneel and it didn't really hurt. I realized that my knee definitely bends a bit farther than it used to, though I still can't quite sit cross-legged. There was only one thing I couldn't do (put my foot on my inner thigh while standing -- I think it's a tree pose) but heck, most of the class couldn't do it either. We put our feet on our ankles instead. It was only the first class, but so far I don't think anyone would know that I am any less capable than my classmates. I was pleased to find that I can still stand with straight legs and put my hands flat on the floor. I felt so relaxed and lovely after the class was done.

Bowling yesterday was also a success. My average is now 71, and I bowled an 81, 105, and 98. I saw a Hello Kitty bowling bag online -- I think I must have it to go with my bowling ball. I found a Seattle Seahawks bowling ball at the same site as the bag, so I think I have T's birthday gift all set. His birthday isn't til May, but I like to be prepared.

Though I have still been successful at having no sweets on only two days this year, I have cut my consumption of them way back. It helps that we don't have anything besides chocolate in the house, and work hasn't been the usual treatfest lately. I'm on day 7 of my 11-day stretch of working every day. Oy. I'm glad this coming week is busy with five storytimes and a meeting.

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NicoleW said...

Cool -- I want a Hello Kitty bowling bag, too (though I haven't actually been bowling in far too long).