Thursday, March 09, 2006

same old, same old

Ay yi yi. I'm still having a problem overeating in the evening, right after dinner. Last night I got home and I was soooo HUNGRY! I can't figure out how to solve that problem. I get hungry in the afternoon and have a snack, but by the time I get home at 5:15pm I am so hungry I end up gobbling my dinner like a starving woman and looking around for more. Last night I had some lettuce with dressing, a piece of pumpkin bread, a few soy crisps, and a few strawberries while I was making dinner. I was still so hungry I scarfed down my pancakes like someone was going to steal them from me. I was no longer hungry, and ate a girl scout cookie & a little pudding cup for dessert. Then T went out to get the mail and I promptly grabbed C's plate (she was done) and shoveled in the rest of her pancake. WTH?

I think what I absolutely, positively NEED to do is break this habit. As SOON as we're done with dinner I need to get up and LEAVE the eating area. LEAVE, LEAVE, LEAVE!!! As Sheryl at points out, compulsive eating is an addiction -- not an addiction to food, but an addiction to the act of bingeing or overeating. I need to start creating new patterns to break the addiction. Tonight I have my first "Managing Your Moods" class, and Friday is craft night at Michelle's mom's house (ugh, food fest), but Saturday -- a new approach. Stay tuned...

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