Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Annual Checkup

I saw the doctor today and was truly surprised that she didn't mention one single word about my weight. At the doctor's office it was 172.3 with my clothes on at 1pm. That's definitely hovering between overweight and obese, but she didn't comment. I have the dreaded cholesterol test coming soon.

Still no bingeing going on with me. I've had several almost-episodes, but talked myself out of it when I admitted to myself that I wanted to, knew why I wanted to, and knew it was not really treating myself with kindness to do so. Yesterday my dh and I misunderstood plans and I was waiting for him at home to go to dinner while he was already on his way. I finally called him, found out he was already at my inlaws' house, and immediately wanted to eat one of the chocolate-covered Oreos (homemade) that I got for Mother's Day. I had the bag open and my hand in before thinking, "Um, hello? You only want one because you're reacting." I zipped the bag shut and went off to my inlaws.

There have been several occasions lately when I have had a knee-jerk "I blew it so I might as well eat a lot more" reaction to overeating slightly or eating an extra cookie, etc. Each time I have talked myself out of chowing down. That's not to say that my eating has been Mrs. Healthy-Pants, however. I have been logging my food again to see what on earth I'm eating, and the other day I ate six dessert-like things in one day. That can't be good for my triglyceride level!


Tree Lover said...

I am long overdue for my annual checkup, like four years overdue. And you know why? I'm terrified that he is going to say something about my weight. I've gone in for illnesses and he's never said anything, but I just have this fear that he will at a checkup. I'm impressed that you went to the doctor even with that concern.

And good for you for treating yourself with kindness when you have felt the desire to binge.

~C~ said...

I am going in for my first phsyical...ever...in a couple of weeks. I am so afraid that he will suggest some sort of diet to knock off the extra pounds. Good for you for going! And good work with the oreo's, those sound fabulous!