Thursday, May 24, 2007

Seven Random Facts

The lovely Isabelle tagged me to reveal seven random facts about myself, so here goes:

1) I have naturally curly hair. I despised it until I was about 22, but now I love it (most of the time). Women used to stop me in the mall to ask where I'd gotten my gorgeous spiral perm, which both amused and embarrassed me.

2) We haven't watched TV at our house for ten years now. When we had TV it was on all the time, but when we did without it for a few months, we decided we didn't miss it enough to have it again. We do watch DVDs sometimes. Oddly, I still read all about TV stars and shows in magazines like People.

3) I cannot nap worth a darn. Unlike my dh's entire family, who can lie down and be asleep in 3 minutes flat, I will simply stare at the ceiling until I give up. Even when pregnant I didn't nap.

4) I adore going to the movies. In high school I used to go on "dollar night" every week (by myself). As a college freshman, my boyfriend and I went almost every week, as did T and I (in our pre-parent days)

5) I have only been asked out by about 3 men (whom I actually *wanted* to go out with) in my entire life. In my life before marriage, I asked a few guys out, "hooked up" with a few, and went out with several because of a personal ad. It has always sort of puzzled me. I think I must give off "touch me not" vibes since I have been told I am very pretty and I *know* I'm intelligent and fairly entertaining as a companion.

6) I listen to audiobooks constantly and usually have one in my car, one at my bedside, one in my bathroom, and another in my kitchen. I love mysteries, suspense novels, and thrillers best, though I listen to a lot of teen and kids books because of my job.

7) I went to secretarial school after I dropped out of college. I actually graduated from a business college and worked as a secretary for a while before realizing that I despised it and went back to college. At least my coworkers are wowed by my typing skills.

Okay -- I will tag treelover!


Tree Lover said...

This is the second time I've been tagged, so I better get to posting my seven random facts! I'll do it for my next blog post in a couple of days.

Isabelle said...

Thanks for your random facts. Very interesting!

I know just how you feel about children leaving home. I'm the original clingy mum.