Monday, January 09, 2006

good weekend

I had a good weekend. I started re-reading Geneen Roth's book and taking notes on it to re-read (and re-read and re-read). I really concentrated this weekend on not overeating and sitting down when I do eat. I realized how many times I pop something into my mouth while standing up. I really made a conscious effort to sit before eating and it made me not eat quite often because I'd think, "I am NOT going to sit down to eat one potato chip. I'll just have some the next time I'm hungry." Of course, when I was actually hungry potato chips weren't what I wanted to eat at all.

One of my coworkers always brings bagels in to work on Saturdays and there are always some left over. I've never taken any home because you know -- too many calories, can't eat those..blah blah. Well, I took three home on Saturday. R and I each had on Sunday morning for breakfast and I sat down and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was full til after 1pm. I felt anxious when it got to be lunchtime and I wasn't hungry, but told myself that the food in the kitchen wasn't going anywhere and I could eat when I got hungry. I ate the second bagel for breakfast today, but had to eat it while multi-tasking, since I was getting my lunch ready and getting my kids ready at the same time. I definitely didn't enjoy it nearly as much -- and what's worse -- I sat in the van on the way to work feeling unsatisfied and wishing I had something to eat! Just goes to show you what mindful eating will do...

I didn't play with the girls for an hour, but did make some time to unpack boxes downstairs AND asked T to help so I wouldn't feel resentful. The whole family played Candyland after dinner, which kept me out of the kitchen and kept me from even being tempted to cruise the cupboards or fridge.

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