Sunday, January 29, 2006

A nice Sunday

I've been having a rather lazy day, which is nice for a change. Last night T and I watched the DVD "Mad Hot Ballroom", about NYC kids in a ballroom dance competition. It was very cute.

I hopped on the exercise bike today for about 6 minutes and I was whipped! Good grief, my aerobic capacity has gone straight down the tubes since I broke my leg. My leg muscles were hurting and I was getting out of breath. If my knee doesn't swell up like a balloon, I'll get back on tomorrow for 10 minutes.

I feel terribly fat. I looked in the mirror before my shower and was so down about what I saw there. My jeans were incredibly tight on Friday night -- and those were my previously baggy size 10s. I'm trying not to hate my body, but I feel as though I'm fighting a losing battle in that regard. It's enough to make me want to start counting calories again. BUT I WILL NOT!! I am going to beat this #$*^%($#) eating disorder if it's the last thing I do!

I tried some "self care" today -- watched 2 episodes of "Lost" on DVD, sat around reading the paper, did my leg exercises, and now I'm on the computer. It's nice, though I feel as though I'm neglecting the girls.

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