Tuesday, February 14, 2006

catching up

I took my girls to see the movie "Curious George" last Friday. It was okay – they, of course, loved it. C giggled every time George did something cute. It was fun to listen to her. At every preview, R asked, "Mom, can we go see that movie?"

On Saturday T and I went out to eat – to Smokey Bones. YUM! I had pulled pork BBQ and it was soooo delicious! Tim had pork and brisket and said it was a tie between that and the pork as to which was better. Mmmmm…nothing like good BBQ. After dinner we went downtown to the museum to see the light show. They have three – 2 Pink Floyd and one Radiohead. We saw the Radiohead show – the CD "OK Computer". The Pink Floyd ones are laser light shows, but the Radiohead one is just a lot of pictures and computer-generated images. It was good, but some of it made me dizzy and I had to close my eyes. The music was good though.

I had PT again yesterday. I laid there tensing and relaxing my muscle with the biofeedback machine on (woo hoo…not too exciting). I had to do some leg extensions, which hurt my knee – not to mention the horrible crunching noise you can hear when I do them. Then they put me on a treadmill going backward at about .9 mph at an incline. Then I got on the exercise bike for 5 minutes. I told her I’d just ridden my exercise bike at home that morning for 30 minutes, but she just nodded and ignored me. Maybe she didn’t believe me, who knows? Finally, they iced my knee with a machine that has a big ace-bandage looking thing. It gets really, really cold. So, all in all, not too thrilling.

I just hope it works. I’m sick of walking with a cane. People stare at me and I feel very self-conscious. But I will say it’s not as bad as when I had to use a walker before I could put weight on it. Good grief – I felt about 95 years old and people REALLY stared at me then! The wheelchair was the worst – people didn’t even look at me. We went to R’s school open house and people who would have known me from the library didn’t even look at me long enough to see that they knew me! It’s funny – I guess they don’t want to stare, but I ended up feeling rather invisible yet like the "elephant in the room", if you know what I mean.

So, today is Valentine’s Day. I work until 8:15pm on Tuesday nights, so T took the morning off to spend it with me. We went to breakfast. I must say I love thick sourdough toast. He gave me some roses and a card. I gave him a card and a shirt that said something about the Seahawks being league champions. He seemed to like it. Then I came to work and they had cupcakes, chocolate, cake, cookies…it’s like a foodfest around here. T told me Ryan was taking his wife out to dinner and having flowers sent to the restaurant – for $66!! Sheesh – that’s a lot of $$$$ for something that will only live a week at most.

My doctor is sending me to a class on relieving stress. Now, why would he think I’m under stress? I hope it’s a good class. Last spring he sent me to a class on lowering your cholesterol and I could have taught the class. In fact, the teacher made some statements that were just plain wrong and I bit my lip to avoid correcting her.

T and I watched the Russell Crowe boxing movie, "Cinderella Man" the other night. It was pretty good, though it was heavy on the boxing, light on the storyline for the second half. The boxing sure was gory though – I had to close my eyes during several scenes. I don’t get boxing as a sport. How can it be entertaining to see two guys sock each other silly? I know lots of people like it though, so what do I know?

This Friday is the daddy/daughter dance at school. T and R are going to go out to dinner with his best friend Chad and his daughter Megan and then go to the dance together. We can buy ridiculously overpriced pictures (just like prom!) too. I’m sure she’ll have a great time. I, meanwhile, will stay home with the little one. I invited my parents over for dinner – haven’t seen them much since Christmas. Bad daughter.

So I haven't binged since seeing the therapist, but I've definitely overeaten at several meals or on several days. I'm trying hard not to have the "last supper" mentality. That Pop Tart/piece of chocolate/ice cream will really, honestly still be there tomorrow -- and if I can eat it whenever I want, I don't have to eat it all now, right? Evenings are hardest for me. It's almost like I don't want dinner to end because that would mean it's almost bedtime and the day is almost over and I haven't done anything fun or meaningful...day after day after day. Then again, weekends are hard too and I can do whatever I want all day. Hmm... I will have to ponder this more.

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