Thursday, April 05, 2007

French Toast for Breakfast

French Toast for Breakfast is the name of a good book on intuitive eating -- can't remember the author. Anyway, she says she gave her book that particular name because the women she worked with seemed most whistful about eating french toast for breakfast. They had denied it to themselves for years because it was too fattening.

I was thinking about this yesterday when I went out to breakfast with my MIL, SIL, and aunt-in-law. I looked a the menu and went back and forth about what to have. I really wanted french toast but thought "it's sooo many calories! So many carbs! What if I eat it and then I'm starving an hour later because I didn't eat any protein?! What if it makes my triglyceride level shoot to the moon?! Or my blood sugar level?!"

I changed my mind at least half a dozen times, but finally ordered the french toast. When it came, it was two pieces made from challah bread and each piece was at least an inch thick. They served it with real maple syrup and real butter. I'm pretty sure I've never had such delicious french toast. Even though I was starving, I forced myself to eat a piece slowly and mindfully. I realized that I was satisfied. I had to fight with myself not to eat more because it was so yummy, but I wasn't hungry anymore. I saved the rest "to go" and ate it today for my afternoon snack.

Anyway, I didn't get hungry until 3pm. I wasn't at all tempted to eat anything when I got home from work -- wasn't really hungry and didn't have the urge to eat for other reasons, unlike most Wednesday nights. I don't know if it had anything to do with allowing myself to eat what I really wanted or not. But next time I'm going to try the french toast with carmelized bananas and peanut butter!


Anonymous said...

I have never had french toast, I might look up the recipe and try some

~C~ said...

You last sentence made me smile :)

Now I want french toast....

Oh, that reminds me, my friend that makes THE BEST french toast is coming for a visit this weekend. Now I know what to have (her make) on Sunday morning!

tiana07 said...

Yum. . . French Toast! !

I have the same thoughts when I wrestle with IE. . . am I really doing IE or am I still hungry? If I don't eat enough protein will I still be hungry an hour later. If I am, should I eat again? But how many cals were in the one piece of French toast?? UGH!!

It's a process, so they say. We'll make it.