Wednesday, April 11, 2007

a test

Well, I am to be sorely tested over the next week or so. We have a constant supply of snacks from a coworker who somehow thinks we are underfed. So in the break room, there are usually potato chips, honey wheat pretzels, cookies of various varieties, etc. I sometimes eat a few, but usually stay away from them, knowing that store-bought goodies just aren't that great.

This week she brought in graham crackers. Oh, graham nemesis in the battle to prevent bingeing. I don't know what it is about them, but I have so far not been able to eat one or two graham crackers at a time more than a few times in my life. I LOVE them dunked in milk, with chocolate and marshmallows sandwiched in between (as smores), spread with peanut butter, or just plain. Perhaps they're connected with some emotionally nourishing memory of childhood.

This coming week will be a test of my ability to be around graham I need something else to stress me out.

Another example of intuitive eating in action: my four-year-old ate wayyyy too much candy on Easter, with no comment or judgment from me. On Monday morning she announced she wasn't hungry for breakfast. The only thing she wanted to eat was a carrot.


Isabelle said...

Hope your snack-resisting is going well. (I wonder what a Graham cracker is.)

Anonymous said...

what is a graham cracker! is it sweet or savoury? i have heard so much about them