Tuesday, October 04, 2005

At home today

I'm at home today, fighting the desire to go eat everything in the kitchen. Sigh. I feel so out of shape. I can't wait until I'm walking again so I can buy an exercise bike. I'm avoiding the scale for now. I saw the physical therapist yesterday and he was very pleased with my progress. He thinks I'll be able to give up the crutches in a week. Oh, I so hope he is right! I know that exercising again after 3 months will be worse than starting from where I was 2 years ago -- at least then I'd been walking fairly regularly. Now I laid in a hospital bed for 8 weeks, and sat around for 4 more.

Having Claudia here for the weekend was so lovely. She is one of my dearest friends, even though we go years without seeing each other. When we do see each other, it's like we just start off where we left off and we're very comfortable with each other. I wish we lived closer together. We couldn't do much with me on crutches, but we went to R's soccer game on Saturday and then to her school carnival. She took R to the mall and bought her two outfits and a dog from Build-a-Bear. They had dinner together too. T and I went to CORE to hear a speaker talk on communication. It was very interesting, but not too applicable to our everyday lives as a couple. There was a great turnout -- probably 12 couples. That was awesome to see.

On Sunday we went to Anna's House for breakfast, and then met my parents at Meijer Gardens. They've done a lot of work at the gardens since I was there a few years ago and it is really an incredible place to visit now. I did a bit too much walking and had to get a wheelchair. Thankfully, my knee didn't swell up any more than usual. We weren't hungry til dinner, so we drove up to Rockford to eat at Sam's Joint and get ice cream at Rocky's. There was definitely an eating theme to our weekend. T was working overtime and then went to play basketball, so wasn't with us. On Monday morning we took Claudia to The Garden Cafe for breakfast before her flight. When R came home from school she told us that she had started crying on the way to school because she didn't want Claudia to go back home. I'm so glad she now has a godmother she knows and loves instead of just a godmother who is a voice on the phone who sends her packages in the mail.

Friday was our tenth anniversary, but we didn't do anything to celebrate because of Claudia's arrival. We'll celebrate in a couple of weeks. We did exchange cards and T wrote the sweetest note in mine about having found true love twice in a lifetime with the same person, thanks to me and Retrouvaille. I'm beginning to think that someday I may be able to live without doubts about us. He's been so great this summer, never blaming me for my accident (even though it was alllll my fault!) I'm not sure I could have done the same had the situation been reversed. Well, R is due home any second and we have to go pick up C from daycare. She's staying with us tonight instead of going to T's parents' house. It will be a trial run for me to make sure I can get her up and dressed and to daycare by myself on a day when I work. I think it will be okay.

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