Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I'm happy T will be going to R's halloween party at school. I know he values his time to himself on his day off, but your kids are only little once.

On Saturday we went out to Lowell to go to the haunted showboat. R was very excited, but they closed early because "no one had come for a while". She was so disappointed she was almost crying. The annoying thing was that we had already paid and they closed while we were getting our faces painted. We got our money back, but mom was really upset. She said she was going to write a letter to the paper. Then our bad experience continued as we had dinner at "The Big Dish". It took 75 minutes to get our food, some of it was lukewarm, and some of it was wrong. What a day. We had carved pumpkins in the morning and I have to give T credit -- he did 99.9% of the work.

Yesterday I worked. Haiden came over to play all afternoon and ate dinner with us. T had a great time teasing her. His basketball was canceled, and we planned to watch "Hotel Rwanda" after the girls were in bed. Ha Ha. He was asleep before 8pm and I think I might have made it until 10, reading in bed. We're such a wild couple...

I dressed as Winnie the Pooh today. I'm ROASTING, but the kids' reactions are worth it.

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