Thursday, October 27, 2005

C's Birthday Party

C turned 3 yesterday and her party went swimmingly. We had 18 for dinner -- Mom E, Dad E, Mom M, Dad M, Julie, Cade, Caleb, Doug, Ellen, Rachael, Chele, Matt, T, R, C, me, Michael, and Kim. I had made spaghetti sauce on Monday, Mom M made a huge tossed salad, Mom E made a huge fresh fruit salad, Julie brought bruschetta, Ellen brought a veggie tray, and I made garlic bread. We had a TON of food left over. I had baked a chocolate cake with peanut butter Oreo frosting for Matt and C had chosen a white Dora the Explorer cake with white frosting. It was darling. We had ice cream too of course.

C had a zillion gifts and after she opened them she handed them to whomever had given them to her. This morning she came downstairs and said, "MOM! Everyone forgot their presents!" I explained that the gifts were FROM those people and she was happy and wanted to start playing. We gave her a book (How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?), a DVD (the 10th anniversary of the first Toy Story), a little doghouse with a stuffed puppy, bone, food dish, and ball, Ariel pajamas, and a Dora the Explorer backback. Mom and Dad M gave her a backyard treehouse for her talking Dora house, the nursery for the house, and some other accesories for the house. They also gave her a stuffed animal, a net and chain to hold stuffed animals, a doll playpen, a bee change purse, and $50. Ellen and Doug and family gave her a big box of Duplos, Michael and Kim gave her a Dora bath toy, and Julie and family gave her a play vet kit. R gave her a little fairy with "October" stitched on it. She chose it from her own dolls, and wrapped it herself. It was very sweet.

Caleb is the sweetest, happiest little 3-month-old. He contentedly sat on anyone's lap who wanted him. R had a great time holding him a few times, and she was very nice playing with Cade. We're going to drive over the Grand Ledge on Wednesday so we can see Chris and Jacob. R can't wait to see Jacob.

I've been trying to research digital cameras, but it's totally mind-boggling and confusing to look at the different features and try to decide what to buy. I think I'll look at Consumer Reports -- or maybe wait until they come out with ratings on the 2006 models -- if they do, that is.

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