Monday, October 17, 2005

Our weekend

Not much excitement over the weekend -- R had soccer Saturday and I worked. In the evening R went to "Little Cats Night" at the local high school. The cheerleaders have a fundraiser some Saturday evenings for kids K-gr6. They babysit and entertain the kids from 6-9pm for $6. R swam, ate pizza and several desserts, and got her face and arms painted. She had a wonderful time. While she was there, T and I took C to Burger King for dinner and to play for a while. She also had a wonderful time.

On Sunday we took the kids to The Country Basket to pick out pumpkins. They were ecstatic because they got to pet a kitten. Now R is on her "I wish we had a kitten" kick again. We got apples and freshly made donuts too. To be honest, the donut wasn't that great -- definitely not worth the calories. I hate when that happens.

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